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Text Box: Scottish Wedding Legalities
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Who can be married in Scotland?
Any 2 persons, regardless of where they live, may marry  in Scotland provided that:
Both persons, are at least 16 years of age on the day of their marriage/civil partnership
They are not related to one another in a way which would prevent their marrying.
They are free to marry (any person who has already been married must produce documentary evidence  that the previous marriage or civil partnership registration has been ended by death, divorce, annulment or dissolution)  
They are capable of understanding the nature of a marriage ceremony and of consenting to marriage
The marriage or civil partnership would be regarded as valid in any foreign country to which either party belongs
Should you choose an approved venue (e.g. The Blacksmiths) for your ceremony, then you should telephone them using the numbers provided on the Wedding Venues page,  and check the availability of your preferred date. The venue will make arrangements on your behalf for a Registrar to conduct the ceremony should you prefer a Registrar, alternatively we can arrange a Minister on your behalf.

If you are planning a religious ceremony you will be required to attend the registrars office within 7 days of the date of your marriage to pick up the marriage schedule, which will allow the marriage to proceed.
Timing is important. Once you have determined a date you will need to ensure the legal requirements to your marriage are fulfilled. In every case you will need to do the following:-
1. Lodge your intention to marry with the Registrar in the district where it is taking place (GRETNA). This is done by each party completing an M10 form (Marriage Notice) for marriage 
The minimum notice period is 29 days for marriage. Please be aware if you leave things late you could be faced with the need to postpone your ceremony.
The marriage notice form may be downloaded or issued from any Registrar's office in Scotland. The notice forms can be handed into the Registrar's office or posted along with any other necessary documents and fees.
2. Although both parties do not need to attend personally to hand in your notice forms, if you are planning a religious marriage, you must attend the registrar's office within 7 days prior of the date of your marriage to collect the marriage schedule. This is required to allow the marriage to proceed. (This can be done on the day of the marriage, Tue - Sat)
Step 2: Documents to be produced
When giving or sending the M10s to the registrar each of you must supply the following: 
Your birth certificate
If you have been married before and the marriage has been dissolved or annulled, a decree of divorce or dissolution or annulment or a certified copy decree. A decree of divorce or dissolution granted out with Scotland must be absolute or final - a decree nisi is not acceptable.
Evidence of your place of residence (Options: Utility Bill not older than 3 months, Bank/Building Society Statement not older than 1 month, valid UK driving licence, most recent council tax bill)
Evidence of Nationality e.g. valid Passport. If you are British and were born in the UK prior to 01/01/1983 your full Birth Certificate satisfies this requirement 

Questions to be Answered by Parties who Submit Foreign Dissolution/Annulment Documents 
Questions to be Answered by Parties who Submit Foreign Divorce Documents 
If your spouse is deceased, the death certificate of your former spouse or civil partner.
If you live abroad, or have been in the UK for less than 2 years, a Certificate of No Impediment may be required confirming that you are free to marry.
If any of these documents is in a language other than English, a certified translation in English must also be provided.
Your documents will be returned to you by standard 2nd class post.   If you wish for your documents to be returned by Special or Recorded Delivery, please enclose a pre-paid envelope with the relevant postage.
Do not delay giving notice simply because you are waiting for any of the documents to come to hand. If time is getting short it is better to give notice first and then pass the documents to the registrar when they become available; but they must be made available to the registrar before the ceremony. Provided the documents are in order the ceremony can proceed as arranged.
Fees to pay
Fees must be submitted with your application. M10 forms will not be processed until the relevant fees have been paid.
Civil Marriage (Registrar) - in an Approved Venue
Notice Fee:				£30.00 (each)
Extract: 					£10.00 
Civil Marriage/Registration Fee: 	£55.00
Registrar Attendance Fee: 		£172.50

Monday - Fridays			£297.50
Saturday: 					£394.50*	 
Sundays and Bank Holidays: 	£444.00*

The following enhanced fees are charged by Dumfries and Galloway Council and are included above.
£97.00* extra - Saturday Wedding 
£146.50* extra - Sunday Ceremony or Public Holiday Ceremony

Religious Marriage at any venue. 
Notice Fee: £30.00*  each
Extract: £10.00
Ministers Fee £150 approx
TOTAL:  £220
There are no enhanced fees for a Minister
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